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Deluxe Vending Boxes

We have launched our latest new design. It allows greater durability, appearance, function and design allowing you to streamline your business and increase profits.

We have improved just about everything on these innovative vending units.

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Please note:
This page is for ordering the Vending Boxes Only
(Locations are Not Included)

Can Be Filled With
Either Candy or Lollipops

(Just add the lollipop insert when you plan on selling lollipops)
  • DURABLE: Made from strong E flute material. 90 flutes per linear foot. No more droopy cardboard. High-quality materials. Rigid and strong giving you many years of top performance.
  • IMPROVED DESIGN: Intelligently engineered, structurally solid.
  • BETTER GRAPHICS: Professionally created up-to-date graphics look better on location. Much more appealing and enticing to customers. Dazzling design delivers more dollars.
  • GLOSSY LAMINATED SURFACES: All exposed surfaces are shiny and smooth… even the lollipop holders. This allows stain/moisture resistance for easy clean-up. Wipe them down with cleaner over and over as necessary.
  • FADE-RESISTANT: Glossy lamination and improved inks lead to long-term good looks.
  • SLIGHTLY LARGER HOLE ON MONEY BOX: We made the hole slightly larger on top. This makes it easier for customers to insert dollar bills with a minimum of folding the dollar bills up. Easier for you to count the money without having to tediously unfold every single dollar bill.
  • STRONGER MONEY HOLE: Resists theft from finger-digging.
  • SECRET TRAP-DOOR: Ready to empty the money? It is puzzling to open these if you don’t know how. You can get in and out of these quick and easy if you do know how. Makes these ultra-secure. No keys necessary.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Included with every vending box. We give you plenty of high-quality vinyl stickers so you can customize the price and appearance of these as you like.

Deluxe Display Dimensions

Area to put stickers
Area to put stickers

Easy to clean laminated surfaces.

Easy to clean surfaces
Low cost honor boxes shipped to you. Easy start up vending for quick home based business.

This Month's Special Promo Offer:

  • 50 Deluxe Displays (Locations not included)
  • 50 Lollipop Inserts
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Neck Lanyard
  • and More

PRICE: $449 + $130 shipping

SAVE $220!
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Each vending display comes with one lollipop insert.

(Locations are not included)

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