N. J. From California

“Just getting started in the vending business I was unsure of just what the business had to offer me, then I found Candy That Cares. They not only gave me every material item and instruction to start and grow my business correctly, but they also accepted my phone calls to answer my continued questions to help refine my efforts.

It is a pleasure to have found a company willing to go that extra step for those who have taken advantage of their program. If you are thinking of increasing or replacing your current income, this is the company to look to. They have shown me that they really care.”
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A. M. from Connecticut

"I’m so happy with you guys. I can’t believe I used to fret over getting the locations. Considering the excellent service you provide and the fact you guys stand behind your product/results, that’s worth it hands down.

I would like to place another order of gold mine locations.

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J. R. From Maryland

“The experience of being involved with this has been simply great, I’m a married man with two young children and this has motivated the family to want to be a part of something great. My children are learning that hard work and dedication is the key to success, also helping out and staying positive will bring great things to your life.

After I really started to get the hang of the charity business my wife started to get more and more involved with what I was doing, then shortly after that the children started to get excited and wanting to put money in every charity box they saw. So as a family I feel that this has brought us closer together and just made us humble of the thought that some people are really having a rough time through life. It feels really good to know that your helping.”
A.m. from wisconsin (1)

L. M. from Wisconsin

“Thank you for everything once again! This is perfect because I have been making good money in my spare time. All the sites are very friendly and I’m getting great results."
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J. D. from Ohio

"I know you guys are the real deal, I've talked to quite a few people in the last few weeks that don't have any business selling honor boxes or belong in business. I look forward to working with you and your partner. This will be the 1st of many future orders. Thanks!"

C. H. from Texas

“Way easier to get locations for than machines. Thanks a lot for the information on them and giving me such a great deal to try them out.”

M. A. from Florida

“This type of vending business is simple to start and easy to operate. Looking forward to making good money, helping charity, and working my own hours. Now I’ve got time for myself to enjoy life. Thanks.”

R. H. from New Jersey

“Dear Sirs, after my experimental stage with your company, I have found this to be a fair, sound system, I am and I will remain a loyal customer. I am satisfied in what I received from you and I will be using you again and again. I will be placing future orders.”
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J. R. from the American Association For Lost Children Charity

“We would like to say Thank You for your support to our organization. Candy That Cares is a True Blessing, and we honestly could not accomplish our job if it wasn’t for our supporters like you. So Thank You!!!”
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